Entertaining Fort Collins

Guest Blog

If you are interested in writing a guest post for Entertaining Fort Collins, please read this guide and follow the instructions as listed. If you have any questions, please contact Kristin at Kristin@EntertainingFortCollins.com.


What We’re Looking For

Most importantly, any submissions must have a local focus. Ideas include, but are not limited to:

  • Unbiased reviews of local arts and entertainment relevant to the Fort Collins area.
  • Experiences and stories from local arts events and music festivals.
  • Personal culture stories in the Fort Collins area.
  • Creative writing, poetry, or artwork with a local focus.

Submissions should be unique. Please check past content to make sure your topic has not been recently discussed.

All submissions should be unbiased. Please do not write a post that is just a plug for your business. Instead, contact us about sponsorship opportunities and how the Scoop Blog Network can help spread the word about your business.

Submissions should have correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.


What to Expect

Not all submissions will be published.

Please don’t be offended if we make edits or suggest changes. It’s a normal part of the process, and you will have an opportunity to approve all edits before publication.

If your article is accepted, you consent to the full text, extracts, samples, and photographs being used by The Scoop Blog Network on the blog site and on corresponding social media platforms, including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


How to Submit

  • Microsoft Word documents or Google Drive documents can be emailed to Kristin at Kristin@EntertainingFortCollins.com.
  • Word count for submissions should be between 500 and 1,000 words.
  • Submissions should include a minimum of one .jpg photograph. This should be an original photo or one that can be used for commercial use to avoid copyright infringement. Let us know if you need ideas, suggestions, or assistance in finding a fitting photo.
  • Please include the links to any relevant websites. If there is missing information that we have to research, you’re less likely to be published.
  • Include a title for the post and an author bio.
  • If you have a topic idea but are unsure about the relevance to this blog, please feel free to submit your idea along with a writing sample. I would be happy to discuss whether or not a specific topic is a good fit!